Alice's Dog Park, within Viña Vieja Park, is located on East Orange Grove, a few blocks east of Sierra Madre Blvd. It features a 2½ acre, grassy area for large dogs and a one acre grassy area for small and special-needs dogs. Both areas have double-gated entries, countered hills, trees, benches, water – and tons of space for your best pal to run and romp. It's open from dawn to dusk every day, but closed on Tuesdays for maintenance.


Contact Us President - Vince De Stefano
Vice President - Lisa Mrozek
Webmaster - Scott Dayman
Phone: 626/577-8738


POOCH consists of a handful of volunteers. We, and others, lobbied the City of Pasadena for more then a decade, asking for an off-leash dog area. ("Parks are for people," they said at the start of our quest, "not dogs.") A tremendous thanks goes to Penelope Douglas, the daughter of the late Alice Frost Kennedy, a Pasadena philanthropist and avid Humane Society supporter. Her continued help, as well as her family's substantial financial support, were instrumental in the park's creation. With great gratitude, the off-leash area will be named "Alice's Park." Thanks also to Pasadena Councilmember Steve Haderlein for his determination and ongoing support which have made the off-leash area a reality.


What are the dog park hours?
Dawn to dusk. Closed on Tuesdays for maintenance.

What is the actual size of the dog park area within the park?
A luxurious 2½ acres.

What is the type and height of fencing?
Six foot chain link.

What is the surface of the dog park?
Lovely grass.

Who maintains the grass?
The City of Pasadena waters and mows the grass. When necessary, they'll cordon off a section of the park and resod.

Is the grass sprayed?
Unfortunately, yes, but not often. The City must occasionally spray with insecticides or pesticides; the park is closed during and a short time after treatment.

Who maintains the park?
Owners will be on constant poop patrol and the City of Pasadena will handle all other maintenance chores, including daily trash removal, lawn upkeep, and poop bag refilling.

What about more benches and shade shelters?
Any capital improvements are the responsibility of POOCH and obtained through donations.

What's up with just one water station?
POOCH is working with the City to install more water stations.

What amenities does the park have?
Water stations for people and dogs, and poop bag dispensers. Within the park are trees, benches, small mounds, grass, separate areas for large and small dogs, and two recycled fire hydrants. there will be a tunnel installed in late June. Well make that August. Future enhancements - agility equipment and more tunnels - are in the works.
There are also 52 parking spots.

I don't live in Pasadena - can I use the park?
You bet. The only requirement is that your dog must absolutely have a current license and be up to date on their vaccines.

How about dog training at the park?
Sorry, dog training, including obedience classes, are not permitted in the park.

Can my child visit the dog park?
Sure. Dogs must be accompanied by persons thirteen years old or older. Children twelve years of age and younger must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (18 years of age or older) while in the off-leash area. If you bring your kids to the park, read the safety of children.

What are the rules about lying on the grass and going barefoot?
None, but common sense might lead you think about what's on the grass…


First, remember that it's your obligation to know and understand the regulations. Take a second and read the official City of Pasadena Off-Leash Regulations (as a PDF).

Here's the POOCH interpretation (and background) on some of the rules governing Alice's Park

  1. You are solely responsible for your dog and its actions. Please pay attention to where your dog is and what it is doing.
  2. For your new puppy's safety, please don't bring it in to the park until it is old enough to interact with other dogs.
  3. For the safety of you and your dog, please keep your dog on-leash until you enter the airlock gates to the park. For the same reason, please unleash your dog in the airlock before opening the gate to the park. Leashed dogs can be more aggressive and can make both of you vulnerable to the immediate attention of multiple dogs.
  4. No more than 3 dogs per person are allowed in the park. This rule exists for two reasons: a) it is difficult enough to keep track of one dog in the park, let alone multiple dogs; b) it is designed to discourage pet sitters from simply using the park to further their business.
  5. Please pick up your dog's poop – and please encourage others to do the same. Most people want to be responsible about scooping up poop, but with a park this size even the best intentioned people may not see their dog(s) do their business. Gently alert others to their dog's actions and/or if you see unaccounted for poop, please pick it up. It's in everyone's best interest to keep the park as clean and poop-free as possible.
  6. Your dog must be licensed in whatever city it is that you live. This is the only formal requirement for the free use of this dog park. Please be advised the Pasadena Humane Society will periodically spot-check the park for licenses and will issue citations if this rule is not adhered to.
  7. It's okay if your dog barks occasionally – they're dogs! But, please note that if your dog cannot be quieted, you will need to voluntarily leave the park.
  8. Dogs are not permitted to dig in the park, so if your dog is a digger, you may want to bring a shovel to back-fill the holes.
  9. Your children are welcome but many of us are concerned for their safety. Read more about the safety of children from the Lakewood Dog Park's site. Please remember that a lot of dogs have never been around children and may not respond appropriately to your child's joyful noises, petting attempts, or running. Dogs tend to chase things that move and they are known to occasionally (and inadvertently) knock over stationary objects, including children. We hope that if you bring your children in to the park that you will keep them close and encourage them to only interact with dogs they know and trust.
  10. Abuse of animals or people in the park will not be tolerated and will, if necessary, be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  11. If your dog becomes aggressive, for any reason, please remove him/her immediately. Nobody wants to risk injury to animals or people. You are responsible for your dog's actions and could be personally liable for any injuries resulting from your dog's aggression – even if it was provoked by others.
  12. Please don't bring food in to the off-leash area. Dogs are dogs and will congregate around anyone who has food. This could lead to aggressive behavior and could have unintended consequences. The food ban also extends to dog treats (for training or the like). That said, if you intend to bring and distribute dog treats to your dog, please do so with discretion - for everybody's sake.



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